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The assistance bar and the swivel transfer disc are two complementary tools that are very useful for people who use their car.

Swivel seat cushion + handybar


The handybar allows the person to have a support point when getting out of the car. Safety equipment that can prevent a bad fall! The bar can be attached to the driver's side as well as to the passenger's side, without any modification to the car.


  • Ergonomic non-slip handle: fits perpendicular to the car for a comfortable grip and optimal leverage.
  • Glass breaker: can break the glass easily and safely.
  • Belt cutter: cuts the seat belt in case of emergency.

Swivel seat cushion

The transfer disc facilitates the rotation of the person's legs and hips to get in and out of the car. Comes as a comfortable padded cushion.


  • Facilitates leg and lower body movement
  • Secure non-slip base keeps cushion in place
  • Universal fit: works on flat surfaces and contoured seats

Both products can be purchased separately


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